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Welcome to our selection of Disney and Warner Brothers Studio Publicity Stills and Lobby Cards.
The Publicity Stills were used by the Animation Studios to promote the theatrical feature being shown by displaying these stills behind
special glass windows at the theaters.
In some cases, the stills were sent out to promoters, prospective advertisers and the press for promotional purposes.
All Publicity Stills are 8 x 10 inch black and white glossies which have been triple matted by us to 14 x 16 inches.. Price for these stills are $115.00 each.
Custom Framing by our staff is also available for a final framed price of $255.00
So enjoy our vast selection on these pages. Purchase multiple publicity stills to save on shipping and insurance costs.

Warner Bros. Stills AA-BU
Warner Bros. Stills BU-CH
Warner Bros. Stills CL-FR
Warner Bros. Stills GE-HO
Warner Bros. Stills HU-PH
Warner Bros. Stills PI-ST
Warner Bros. Stills ST-WH
Warner Bros. Stills WH-ZZ
Publicity Stills Main Page
Hush My Mouse PS12
Hush My Mouse PS13
Hyde and Go Tweet PS14
Hyde and Go Tweet PS15
Hypo-Chondri Cat, The PS619
I Like Mountain Music PSS-1328
I Taw A Putty Tat PSS-1264
Inki at the Circus PSS-1270
Inki at the Circus PSS-1271
Iron Giant, The PSS-1135
Iron Giant, The PSS-1136
Iron Giant, The PSS-1137
Katnip Kollege PS154
Kiddin' the Kitten PS155
King and I, The PSS-1142
Kiss Me Cat PS156
Kiss Me Cat PS157
Leghorn Blows at Midnight, The PS589
Lighter than Hare PSS-1327
Little Red Riding Rabbit PS590
Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie PSS-1117
Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie PSS-1116
Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie PSS-1115
Lumber Jack-Rabbit PSS-1263
Malibu Beach Party PSS-1368
Martian Thru Georgia PS16
Martian Thru Georgia PS159
Merlin the Magic Mouse PS160
Mexicali Shmoes PS161
Mexican Boarders PS214
Mexican Mousepiece PS162
Mighty Hunters PS517
Mixed Master PS608
Mixed Master PS620
Moby Duck PS114
Moby Duck PS163
Mother Was a Rooster PS69
Mother Was a Rooster PSS-1262
Mouse Warming PS211
Mouse-Placed Kitten PS164
Mouse-Placed Kitten PS165
Mucho Locos PS34
Muzzle Tough PS104
Muzzle Tough PS113
My Favorite Duck PSS-1361
My Little Duckaroo PS110
My Little Duckaroo PS111
Night of the Living Duck PS778
Night of the Living Duck PSS-1126
Night of the Living Duck PSS-1127
Odor-Able Kitty PSS-1330
Bob Clampett Signed Publicity Still of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd from "The Old Gray Hare".
Overall Size 8 x 10 Inches.

22606-PS $299.00

Old Glory PS593
One Froggy Evening PS592
One Froggy Evening PS591
Patient Porky PSS-1331
Paying the Piper PS166
Paying the Piper PS167
Person to Bunny PS70
Person to Bunny PS210
Pest in the House, A PS72
Pest in the House, A PS209
Pests for Guests PS168
Pests for Guests PS35
Pettin' in the ParkPS 169
Pettin' in the ParkPS 170
Phantom Ship, The PSS-1369

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