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Gremlin Fine Arts Galleries is both a Brick & Mortar Art Gallery and an Online Art Shopping Experience. We are located in Manchester Center, Vermont which is in the heart of Southern Vermont's Winter Wonderland. Just a short drive from Stratton Mountain and Bromley Ski Center, we are certainly a destination for skiers and snowboarders all winter long.

Gallery founders Steven and Debbi Grossfeld have been dealing in vintage animation artwork over for 30 years. They are proud to have brought the collections of Maurice Noble and Art Davis to market as well as the collections of many other well known animators and studio executives. Steven helped curate the Mel Blanc art collection for presentation at auction for Superior Galleries in Beverly Hills. He was also the founder of Celmail, the online blog for animation art collectors. In the earlier years he wrote articles that appeared in "In Toon Magazine" as well as "Storyboard, The Art of Laughter." Debbi and Steven have also leant many of their own pieces of art to various authors who used the art to illustrate their texts.

Debbi spends much of her time these days in our Manchester Center, Vermont art gallery. She consults with clients whose needs vary greatly. Debbi has become quite an expert at tracking down hard to find or sold-out limited edition artwork. She is also our creative director and framing coordinator. If you need someone to design just the right picture frame and mats for your artwork, Debbi is our expert.

Gremlin Fine Arts Galleries has the world's foremost selection of Courtroom and Political Sketch Art. These works of art, done by the best artists of their genre are on display at our Manchester Center gallery as well. We exhibit literally thousands of original sketches and paintings by world class artists, many of whom have won Emmy Awards for their coverage of news events as well as awards from the New York Illustrator's Society and other groups. Our own Steven Grossfeld has been interviewed by over 30 newspapers, magazines and television networks regarding this art form and our unique collection.

Since our opening of our newest gallery in Manchester Center, Vermont we have been striving to acquire and offer the largest selection of Vintage Ski Posters. Proudly, we have single handedly help to decorate hundreds of area ski lodges, inns and winter homes with winter themed art that just isn't available anywhere in so vast a selection.

Custom Picture Framing services are also our specialty. We stock thousands of feet of picture mouldings so that we may offer lightening fast service. Clients often can pick up their framed art within a couple of days of bringing it in to our shop. We also offer the following services:

  1. Needlepoint Blocking and Framing
  2. Professional Office Art and Wall Design
  3. Hotel, Inn and Restaurant Framed Wall Art
  4. Dry Mounting of prints and photographs
  5. Mounting and Framing of Jigsaw Puzzles
  6. Archival and Reversible Conservation Mounting
  7. Special treatment of Digital Media
  8. Cleaning & Restoration of Oil Paintings
  9. Restoration of Animation Art including missing paint
  10. Appraisal Services for Clients and Insurance Companies
  11. Canvas Stretching and Framing
  12. Shadow Box framing for large, bulky items such as skis, snowshoes, guns, football jerseys, etc.
  13. Contract Orders fulfilled
  14. We work with many area Decorators
  15. Custom woodworking orders fulfilled
  16. Packing and Shipping to World-Wide destinations
  17. Gift Services
  18. Anything within reason not already listed above

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