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Consign your artwork

Consigning your artwork to our galleries for us to sell is the right move. First of all, Gremlin Fine Arts Galleries is one of the top destination websites for collectors looking to purchase Animation Art, Courtroom Sketch Art, Comic and Illustrative Art and Vintage Prints. We also pride outselves in discovering new talent and presenting them to our clients.

Gremlin Fine Arts Galleries showroom is open 7 Days and is popular with local residents and tourists alike. Exhibiting your art at our gallery is definitely the way to go if you are seeking to give more exposure to your collection. Whether it's one piece or a vast collection, we can be of service.

In order to consign your art, you just need to follow these simple directions before sending your precious heirlooms to us for sale.

  1. Send an email with a brief description of the artwork as well as a price you feel this item should sell at.
  2. Once confirmed by reply email, we like to see jpeg images of the art, as well as detailed description, condition and recommendations for the piece.
  3. If we feel the price is fair and realistic, we will send you shipping information. Do Not Ship any art until it has been accepted and ok'd for consignment.
  4. If the price is not what we feel is in line with fair market value, we will tell you and you can decide at that time to either adjust the price or pass on the consignment.

Let us handle the rest.

Consignors do not need to do any advertising or participate in the sale of the art once it is in our hands. We do everything. You need only get us the artwork and our work will begin. We photograph every piece and place it on our website for our clients. If the art is framed, it will also hang in our gallery on display for at least 6 months (or until the item is sold).

How much does consigning cost? Not a Penny until the art is sold.

Animation art consignment fees are charged at a rate of 35% from the proceeds of the sale.

Fine Art consignment fees are charged at a rate of 50% from the proceeds of the sale.

*Consignor is responsible for any credit/debit card fees incurred should the art be purchased using credit. Fees are approximately 3% of the total.
*Consignor is responsible for any return shipping and packaging fees should the art remain unsold and consignor requests the return of same.