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The Courtroom Sketches of Bill Lignante

Page 1 ~ Angela Davis Trial, Artukavic Deportation Attempted Assination of the Pope

Page 2 ~ Charles Manson, Chowchilla Bus Kidnapping, Daniel Ellsberg - The Pentagon Papers Trial, Gene Tafoya Attempted Murder Trial

The Happy Hour Shootout, Howard Hughes Contested Will, John DeLorean Drug Smuggling Trial

Page 3 ~ John DeLorean Drug Trial, cont., Joseph Franklin - Lary Flint and Vernon Jordan Attempted Murder Trial,

Page 4 ~ Joseph Franklin - Vernon Jordon Attempted Murder Trial, Cont., Kansas City - Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse

Lee Marvin / Michele Triola Marvin Palimony Trial, Lover Mixup

Page 5 ~ Lover Mixup, cont., Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme Attempted Murder of President Gerald Ford, McMartin Child Molestation Trial,

NFL Trial Conspiracy to Move the Rams from Oakland to Los Angeles

More pages to come in the future.

The Courtroom Sketches David Rose

Coming soon.

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